Stepping Into Fall

My recent visit to Pennsylvania had some great photo ops just in time for the fall season. The abundance of harvested crops and green fields throughout the roads made it easy for us to stop, get some fresh air and walk through the cornfields. So right before hitting the road back to New York I made it a priority to pass by Oregon Dairy Farms where we were able to get in tune with nature.

Getting close and personal with the great outdoors meant coming across some bumblebees and spiders (that I can assure you I stayed clear away from!) As my mom and I followed the path through the corn maze we stumbled upon the last nearby sunflower field in season. Aside from the small run-ins, it was beautiful to see bumble-bees at work collecting pollen from the vibrant and lively yellow sunflowers.

For this look, I channeled Catherine Bach’s, Daisy Duke, character from the 1979 sitcom The Dukes of Hazzard – a peasant style crop and a pair of denim distressed shorts.

Step into Fall!

Princess Polly
Princess Polly
Princess Polly
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