Weekend Trip

I recently went a distance away from the city to enjoy some quality time with family in Pennsylvania. We stayed in the town of Lancaster and spent our mornings strolling around the downtown area to our brunch destinations. By my surprise, the small city had some charming sights, trendy restaurants and great food!

Check out my recommendations! 

On Orange

An artsy brunch spot with psychedelic artwork and a cute little patio area welcomes its customers to enjoy an afternoon meal. The service was spectacular here and our waiter was super accommodating and patient – even with all of our specific requests! When it comes to food, I am extremely particular so when I ordered my usual egg white omelette (always with spinach and tomatoes) I was pleasantly surprised that it was fluffy and dry. My family ordered the Swedish Pancakes for the table which was served with an apple turnover. These aren’t your traditional pancakes but rather have a nutty and more wholesome taste. Lastly, I knew before arriving I had to try the baked oatmeal which very much lived up to its raved reviews. The organic oats were served warm with walnuts and a cute tiny pitcher filled with almond milk to pour over. 

Cafe One-Eight

This coffee shop is an absolute must visit – everything from the crafted coffee to its baked goods are absolutely delicious! Upon entering I felt the fall season in full effect with their pumpkin beverage options and farmhouse interior décor. This place is super casual and seating is what you expect from any coffee shop – my family ordered an assortment of baked goods to our table to taste (Banana bread, blueberry muffin + two apricot danishes) all baked to perfection! I had my go-to iced coffee with a shot of espresso and decided on a sweet breakfast option. The yogurt parfait was hands down the best I’ve ever had and exceeded all of my expectations. This concoction of a local farm vanilla yogurt combined with fresh strawberries and a warm home-made oatmeal all melted in my mouth. It was so good that my dad devoured my mom’s yogurt parfait!

Has anyone else checked these places out? If you have, leave a comment! I would love to hear your personal reviews Xx

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