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The Nightmare Before Color Correction

About a month ago, I decided I wanted to change up my hair and go for a balayage style. My goal was to stay 100% brunette but with some subtle caramels and blondes to give my hair some dimension. I trusted I was in good hands but after hours of sitting in bleach… my Morticia-esque black hair was completely lifted and I was blonde from my root! In a state of absolute shock and devastation, I immediately texted my talented friend, Joanna, the nightmare that just ensued. After reassuring me that this could be fixed, she scheduled me in the very next day at Butterfly Studio Salon.

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My Saving Grace

Situated right on 5th avenue is Kattia Solano’s chic Butterfly Studio Salon where the ultimate hair experts work to make their clients feel and look their absolute best. Upon arriving, the receptionists warmly greet you, take your temperature, immediately offer to grab your jacket and give you a robe to slip into. Even before Covid-19 the salon has always been in immaculate and clean condition. Kattia’s team is truly taking every safety precaution mandated by the state of NY while still providing her clients with the luxurious experience (Check out the links at the end)

The brightly lit waiting area welcomes you to sit by the Bohemian style decor with healing crystals that helped soothe my nerves before my process started. Joanna met me in front of the waiting area ready to take on my color nightmare. As I sat in her chair practically crying that I just wanted my black color back she calmly reassured me my deep and rich hair color could be restored in just three sessions.

In the first session, she started with a root shadow to get my hair color as close to my natural color and created the transition for a proper ombre. She then glossed the rest of the blonde for a more honey and ash color.

Session 1 Color Correction

Session 1 Final Results

Three weeks later to the day, I scheduled my second appointment when, she of course, outdid herself and managed to transform me back to a brunette. In just two steps Joanna filled in the blonde with a demi-permanent and sealed the rest of my hair with a gloss to achieve the beautiful rich chocolate brown color. I then asked Joanna’s assistant, Eddie, to trim my hair to begin getting rid of the damage.

Post Session 2
Session 2 Final Results

Every time I come out of Butterfly I feel like Kim Kardashian ready for my close up. This time between my beyond talented friends, Joanna and Eddie, I felt 100x more confident and more importantly like myself again.

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I plan my next visit with her this month so we can pull through some highlights and finally achieve my inspiration picture. Ill post an update for the final results Xx


Joanna Gonzalez is a senior hair color specialist and is a master at her craft, the balayage. Follow her work on instagram @colorby_joanna – Book your appointment at https://www.butterflystudiosalon.com/ I promise you’ll never regret sitting in her chair!

*You can also call to request Eddie for a show stopping blowdry Xx

See how Butterfly is ensuring its clients for the safest and cleanest experience. https://www.butterflystudiosalon.com/covid19

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