New Year, New Intentions

Saying good-bye to 2020 and welcoming the New 2021 Year.

With such a crazy and challenging year filled with loss , raw emotions, tough conversations and real situations we can finally welcome a new year with a glimmer of hope. Although we are stepping into 2021 with the same unpredictability I hope that 2020 has taught us to be a bit kinder to both ourselves and to one another and most of all count our blessings that we once may have overlooked before.

The days leading up to the new year, I’ve been focused on clearing my space, creating new mantras, manifesting, setting goals for the upcoming month/year and overall dedicating more time to myself.

It’s so important to sit with yourself to engage in a moment of self reflection and create a blue print of what you want your year to look like. Figuring out what works for you whether this means in your fitness plan, personal projects, relationships or your daily habits and nixing out what doesn’t work for you is so vital to become the best version of YOURSELF.

What are some rituals you follow to prepare for the New Year?

I celebrated my New Year’s with my direct family and loved ones. We still dressed up for the occasion and made the best out of our intimate gathering. In between our photoshoot, tequila tasting, salsa dancing, positive energy and warm laughters there was no other way I would have rather spent it! Not to mention the amazing home-made brunch my mother hosted for us later that afternoon.


For the infamous sala (living room) outfit, I wore my fur-trim black blazer from the Danielle Bernstein Collection (available now at Macy’s! I included the shoppable link below). The statement sleeves and one-button closure make it sexy and chic yet still tasteful. Throw on a pair of inexpensive black waxed jeans or leather pant for a luxe look. I tied the outfit together with my baby pink sparkly Chanel boots, perfect for that New Year’s pop!

I hope the new year brings everyone light, positivity and magic to you all!

Love Steph Xx


Statement Blazers

Faux Leather Pant

Cinderella Shoes

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