In My Wardrobe: Spring Edit

Its daylight past 5 p.m., the puffers can slowly be put away and the sunlight is peaking throughout the day. Its official, Spring is upon us!

I find this time in NYC to be one of the most pleasant because the weather is perfect, my wardrobe is a bit more colorful, you can dine outdoors & its an excuse for me to finally wear my cutest tops.

Usually I’m sporting an all black outfit, doesn’t matter the occasion whether its in the gym, in the office or a birthday dinner. It’s honestly the easiest color in my closet. Its chic & you don’t have to think twice about putting an outfit together. But I will admit, once I see some sunshine, I like to stray away from my signature black leggings & top and add in a bit more life into my wardrobe.

Adding a little bit of color and light to my wardrobe gives me that fresh of breath air that I’ve been longing after a very long winter! So what’s in my wardrobe this spring?


Add in pastels into your wardrobe for a vibrant feel – the pistachios, lavenders, sky blues & baby pinks gives such a light, airy and fun touch to your style.


A pair of inexpensive, brand new white sneakers is such a staple in my closet because you can make any outfit look casual and chic.


I love a good oversized and fit blazer. It’s so easy to style whether you’re going for a more elevated look for the office, a midday brunch with the girls or for a sporty chic look for on the go. It ties a simple outfit effortlessly together. If I’m in a rush to get to work I’ll slip into an a pair of black pants, t-shirt & throw on a blazer. I look put together in a matter of a minute (literally!) with a slicked back bun, a pair of cat eye sunglasses & white sneakers i’m ready to conquer my day.


Like the French, always keeping neutral basics like t-shirts, blouses and bodysuits in your wardrobe is key. It makes your wardrobe that much more versatile to mix and match for any occasion while still looking chic. So make sure to refreshen those basics!


Outfit Details

Gucci Purse SS20

White t-shirt from Zara

Denim from Missguided

Nike Air Force 1’s 2007 Edition

Pink Moto Jacket from BB Dakota

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