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On a sunny Friday afternoon, I took the 6 train up to 86th street for my facial at Heyday. With the arrival of spring, I wanted a proper spring cleaning catered to my face so that I was entering the season with my best face forward! I went for the 50 Minute Facial, which is meant for maintenance with a focus on hydration while tackling slight inflammation.

Heyday UES product area for shopping

My ultimate goal was to leave the chair with glowing skin. Nothing satisfies me more than my face looking super dewy and hydrated (literally looking like a glazed doughnut). Since I don’t normally wear makeup on a day-to-day basis, it’s important for me that my skin looks healthy & radiant. I love being able to rock a bare face while my skin glistens and glows.

I appreciated how well my skin therapist took her time to meet all of my skincare needs. During the appointment, my specialist asked a series of questions to get the ins and outs of my routine, from the type of cleanser I use to the brand of each product. They really want to get an understanding and complete picture of what you’re using on your face, so they can do their part and use the right products according to your skin type.

Brief Breakdown

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Steam
  • Light Extraction
  • Red LED Light Therapy
  • Moisturize
  • Gua Sha (An ancient Chinese healing technique that promotes circulation, increases collagen production, tones face muscles while reducing puffiness and fine lines)

price point: $109.73

All the scents that were lingering throughout my facial, from the pineapple to the fresh rosemary, transported me to a beach somewhere in Mexico. I swear it was as if I could hear the sounds of the waves crashing and the fresh breezy wind blowing through the palm trees. It’s was a great treat yourself moment. I am not usually one to experiment on any of the add-ons but my skin therapist convinced me into the red LED LIGHT THERAPY by the end of my session. I had some red irritation and this was said to help rejuvenate the skin cells and calm the inflammation. Although I was satisfied with my results I’d probably opt out of this option my next visit.

Where the magic happens!

My skin therapist’s work area

After the visit, Heyday sends an email of your complete facial recap along with your specialist’s recommendations and products she suggests adding to your routine. While my skin therapist was applying the Shaffali Pineapple + Peppermint Facial Exfoliant, I immediately knew I needed to get my hands on it. I instantly fell in love with the aroma, texture of the beads, and the final results from this au natural product. It seriously leaves you glowing like you’ve never seen before! I had to order the product directly from Shaffali, since it was all sold out at Heyday, which speaks all for itself.

By the time I walked out of my appointment I felt like my inner goddess was glowing from within and all of my skin goals were met!

If you enjoyed this post or have any questions, leave a comment! What are some other details you’d like to hear more about that I might’ve missed?

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