Welcoming in 2022

Another year has come and passed us by… Welcome 2022!

This past week and a half I’ve been focusing on my daily habits and getting back on track since the holidays had me on a cookie and movie watching binge. It’s so important to get your mental, spiritual and physical self aligned to be able to put your best foot forward into the new year. These are just a few things I’ve been incorporating into my daily routine.

1. Give Gratitude. Instead of picking up my phone first thing in the morning, I remember to count 3 blessings before even getting out of bed. I love this little moment of gratitude because it keeps me present and doesn’t start my day on a stressful note.

2. Honor the time with yourself. This has been key to the start of my new year. Theres nothing wrong with dedicating a moment for yourself whether that means setting time aside to hit the gym or journal to let your thoughts run free. As I have approached my mid-20’s I found myself honoring my solitude more and more. Spending time with yourself allows for you to prioritize things that matter to you while creating a safe space within yourself during the times you need it the most.

3. Move your body. I started January 1st with a 30 minute holiday ride (of course) with Kendall Toole – she gives all the positive energy you need to carry with you into the new year. Exercising and moving my body is definitely a form of therapy for me. I love how I feel even after a 15 minute Peloton ride. It boosts all the serotonin levels and gives you that extra boost of confidence to conquer your day. If you’re a fellow Peloton Rider, add me @Smontoya_

4. Journaling. Setting time aside for my creativity to flow and writing anything that’s on my mind definitely makes me feel better and declutters my mind. I can spend anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour just writing. It’s so important that I allocate this for myself because it allows my creative side to thrive and keeps me sane!

5. Clearing and organizing my space. Without a clear space its impossible to have a clear mind (at least for me) to work and get ahead of my day. Whether its just putting away the laundry you had sitting there for days or making your bed, it definitely sets the tone for your day. Burn some sage to clear the air and take the opportunity to meditate, set your intentions and bring all the positive vibes your way.

6. Upping your skincare routine. If you live anywhere with extreme temperatures you’ll understand catering your products to the ever changing weather is key to glowing skin. I’ve had to switch around my products from my cleansers to my serums because of the harsh winter. I love a good self-care moment especially in my skin care routine. I’ve recently added the KORRES Santorini Grape Velvet Skin for hydration and it definitely feels like a Grecian Dream. Between adding this serum and a facial lifting massage, this just makes my routine feel that much more luxe and rich.

7. Balance. As I was writing down my goals for this year, the word balance, came to mind. To stay grounded, I vowed to come back to this word because it’s easy to come down on yourself hard and beat yourself up if you feel like you aren’t doing the most. It’s as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and if you come across a set back early on, don’t sweat it. Learn from it and keep on going!

8. 2022 Planner. In preparation of the new year, I definitely made sure to have a brand new planner. This always allows me to look forward to get my thoughts, plans and goals clear visually on paper. I’ve been using the Eccolo planners for three years now and I love how I have enough space to write things down that need to get done from my day-to-day to everything blog related while keeping both to-do lists separated. It also comes with some aesthetically pleasing stickers to add a little bit more glam to your days.

9. Nutrition. You are what you eat. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I’ve been making my own juices and immune booster shots at home. With everything going on in the world, taking care of my health and boosting my immune system has been a priority. The best part is I enjoy the whole process of cutting up fruit and creating a natural juice… the plus side is that its budget friendly!

I hope these tips and different styles can help you start your year off just right!

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