The 2001 Comeback

The moment I’ve been finally waiting for…

Y2K is officially back or what I like to refer to as the fashion of 2001. From colorful mini bags to baggy boyfriend jeans and butterfly clips. This is the fashion era I live for. It’s fun, colorful, vibrant, and cool. The 00’s fashion has been slowly creeping in since Baby Phat relaunched in 2019. Now retailers are gracing us with the ultimate comebacks and collaborations like Missguided x Sean John.

Here are some 2000’s items that are currently in my wardrobe

Nike Uptowns

These are an ultimate classic, the all-white bulky street shoe that I grew up watching my dad rock around Queens is a whole vibe now and the comeback game is even stronger.

The Mini Purse

My obsession over mini purses began in 2019. A large purse is just not ideal for me when I’m out running errands, traveling, or even a night out in the city. You can throw a mini purse with absolutely anything in your wardrobe and it will tie your look together. It’s the versatility and convenience I live for!

Bedazzled Baby-Tee

Nothing says the Y2K like a good bedazzled baby tee. One of my go-to shirts is my Baby Phat tee with the rhinestone signature cat logo. I remember my mom always in a graphic or halter decked in Baby Phat aka the hot 2000’s girl look. 

Cut-Out Tops

If there is anything that stuck with me during this era, it had to be all the sexy cut-out tops. Paris Hilton has been my original form of inspiration as the IT girl of the 2000’s fashion scene. I’ve always loved Paris and all her fun outfits. As a little girl, I remember daydreaming of having her glamorous wardrobe and thankfully (also dangerously) every time I login into Instagram there are all the cut-out tops available to purchase. I have already started adding all the different styles to my wardrobe from the strappy crops, one-shoulder, and halter tops.

Are you loving the 2000’s comeback as much as I am? What trend are you rocking from this era?  Let me know in the comments!

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